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Title: Tax Sale - Cancelled
Post by: viking on September 27, 2006, 07:45:06 AM
Hi everyone,

Just thought I would let everyone know that I went to get some more information concerning the upcoming tax sale in New Brunswick (Fredericton area -Oct 4/06) and was told it had been cancelled. They said that it would be rescheduled for a later date. I haven't found out why yet, but there were approximately 10 properties listed in the Fredericton, York County area (found in the Royal Gazette in New Brunswick). Tax sales in New Brunswick are listed by county (15 in total) and you have to physically be present in order to bid. Unfortunately, they are all scheduled on the same 2 or 3 days, so it is only possible to attend a couple at most :(

I will get back with any information concerning the cancellation.



Title: Re: Tax Sale - Cancelled
Post by: RichD on September 27, 2006, 01:13:32 PM
Hey Dan,

If anything comes up in the Bathurst area that you could share that would be greatly appreciated. If you would like to partner up on one get intouch with me. I live in On. but have family in Bathurst.


Title: Re: Tax Sale - Cancelled
Post by: viking on September 27, 2006, 05:20:45 PM
Hey everyone,

I was talking to the Department of Finance today and they can't or won't say why the tax sale was cancelled, but it was cancelled for the entire province. The November tax sale is still a go for now. I'm guessing that it was cancelled due to the change in government here (from Conservative to Liberal), the new party wanting to review everything..........I know for a fact that all hiring of casual employees is frozen until further notice. I did find out today that even though there is a 90 day redemption window after the tax sale, if you are the high bidder you have ownership immediately. The only problem is that if you do any renovation in the first 90 days, the previous owners could still pay back their outstanding taxes and you would be out the cost of renovation because they are not considered a cost of acquiring the property. The department said that they tell people to do what they need to do to protect their interest (get insurance, board up broken windows, etc.) but no extras.

Well that's all I learned today.

By the way Rich, there are quite a few in the Bathurst area. I will try to get some more info and post it here.



Title: Re: Tax Sale - Cancelled
Post by: Rob on September 27, 2006, 05:38:04 PM
The liberals won power in New Brunswick a few days ago.  Perhaps that is the reason, they might have different mandate then before.  It looks like something big is up.  All of the tax sales properties have been cancelled?  They might be changing the way do tax sales or they might remove them altogether.  Interesting, thanks Viking.

Title: Re: Tax Sale - Cancelled
Post by: viking on September 28, 2006, 05:12:03 AM

If you go to the website mentioned above, this is where the provincial government lists all their surplus land. It is divided by county, and I noticed that Gloucester county (where Bathurst is located) there were roughly 10 properties listed, most of these are vacant parcels of land. I think the instructions for placing a tender are located at the top of the page.

Hopefully this is of interest to you :)

Also, I will take a look at the cancelled tax sales and see if there were any for Gloucester county.

Talk to ya later.


Title: Re: Tax Sale - Cancelled
Post by: viking on September 28, 2006, 09:41:20 AM

Here are the properties that were listed in the tax sale for Gloucester county (that has been cancelled), only one is in Bathurst:

Assessed Owner /
Propriétaire imposé Property Location Lieu du bien Property Description Désignation du bien
Year /
Année Page
Account No. /
Numéro de
compte des biens

Aurele Basque 12 Telesphore Street 12, rue Télesphore Land and Residence Terrain et résidence 2006 37298 02973194
Parish of Saumarez Paroisse de Saumarez
Martin Comeau 907 Robertville Road
Parish of Beresford
907, chemin Robertville
Paroisse de Beresford
Lot, 34A and
Lot, 34A et
2006 38287 03117987

Robert Boudreau Boudreau Street Rue Boudreau Lot 19 Lot 19 2006 34819 03154248
Village of Petit-Rocher Village de Petit-Rocher

David Christie Route 8, Lac LaFlèche Route 8, Lac LaFlèche Lot and Cottage Lot et chalet 2006 36165 03168881
Parish of Allardville Paroisse d’Allardville

Michel Albain Landry 686 Pinet Street 686, rue Pinet Lot and Residence Lot et résidence 2006 35414 03216252
Village of Bertrand Village de Bertrand

Michel Albain Landry Pinet Street Rue Pinet Land Terrain 2006 35420 03217907
Village of Bertrand Village de Bertrand

Noella Boudreau St. Paul Street Rue Saint-Paul Land Terrain 2006 34972 03232452
Village of
Village de

Armand Boudreau St. Pierre Boulevard
Boulevard Saint Pierre
Residential Lot 1D Lot résidentiel 1D 2006 34484 03269637
Town of Caraquet Ville de Caraquet

Claude Boucher St. Mary Avenue
City of Bathurst
Avenue St. Mary
Cité de Bathurst
Lot 1-89 and
Parcel A-89
Lot 1-89 et
parcelle A-89
2006 33920 04168478

The information didn't copy & paste well, but hopefully it is of some use to you.



Title: Re: Tax Sale - Cancelled
Post by: RichD on September 29, 2006, 05:22:35 PM
Hi Dan,

Thanks allot some pretty interesting stuff. Where abouts do you live?


Title: Re: Tax Sale - Cancelled
Post by: viking on October 02, 2006, 07:05:32 AM

I live just outside Fredericton (about 20 minutes south) & work in Fredericton. Most of the properties I look at are in Sunbury or York  county, but also look in Kent county