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Author Topic: Madoc 2 - Inability to register property in Land Titles.  (Read 2985 times)
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« on: February 11, 2012, 10:33:39 AM »


How about I deal with the beer issue with you by private post later.  I don't want to tie the board because you are really thirsty.  I mean I am going to be liable for existing debts already as we all scramble at the last minute because this will redeem 10 minutes before opening. 

Onto business.  By way of background I believe Hastings county has been on land titles registration system for a considerable period of time (I think at least half a dozen years) but someone more knowledgeable can correct me. 

What I know at this point is the following. 

a) This property nor none of the adjacent properties I can find have been ever been surveyed. 

b) There is at least one quit claim against part of the property filed in the past that was settled by a sketch. Which is the first point of trouble?

c) Original surveys generally in this region are known to have problems.  There are extensive small iron deposits in the Marmora / Madoc area that caused inaccurate compass readings in the magnetic compasses of the day used by the original surveyors. 

d) The apparently illegal dam was apprently constructed on the neighbouring property?

e) The problems are apparently so extensive that they are unable to register the property in land titles which means a court case to sort out the mess.

f) With registrations not in land titles this mean that further quit claims maybe be likely as well???

Okay smarter members of the board what does this mean???
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