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1  Tax Sale Forum / Questions and Answers / Re: What's the best item you have found in a tax sale property? on: June 05, 2021, 03:57:17 PM
Ok then, you're gonna make me tell you about the time I did find a dead body in a property.

This investor calls me from the USA and his tenant has disappeared, he can't find him anywhere. He asked his realtor to check it out, but the guy was not successful. So I send a Non Payment notice to the tenant. Nobody hears anything.

Next, I call the building and ask them if there is activity on the FOB, by this time it's a couple weeks later, and there has been no activity in the unit for 30 days, in or out. The tenant owed 5 months rent so I figure he skipped. He just left which people do from time to time.

The investor doesn't have the key, so I call the locksmith, and give a 24 hour notice of Entry for Inspection, and arrange to change the lock for the "abandoned" premises.

Building Security accompanies me, the locksmith lets me in, and I go into the unit which has a slightly musty smell (nothing serious) and is still furnished, it looks abandoned, I walk past the bedroom door and notice someone sleeping, and then as I back out, like you do when you interrupt a person sleeping, I notice the legs I saw have a very bad and unhealthy look to them. Then it registers that the legs are probably the dead person. I go to the door and notify security the guy is dead and she goes to see him in his complete deadness.

So after 5 minutes we called the Police and the more boring pedantic part of death began, and I waited for the Coroner, and then the people who pick up the bodies, and looked for next of kin information and this took the rest of my day.

Turns out the tenant starved himself to death which is why he did not smell bad.

That is the story of the dead guy. 
2  Tax Sale Forum / Member Experiences / Why you need to get a very good deal on a tax sale on: June 01, 2021, 02:48:07 PM
Recently I won two houses in a tax sale.

One of the basements needs to be completely redone.
There are no appliances.
The furnace and AC and hotwater tank need to be replaced/are not up to code times 2.
Lots of Garbage throughout.
Carpet in a bathroom ewwww.
Cigarette smoke and lots of it.
Classy bedsheet curtains.
The plumbing froze and needs a lot of work.

Good News is I still got a good deal and will make money, but only because I did not pay anywhere near market price.

I got one decent kitchen, with a couple good bathrooms.
I like the town a lot, the people are friendly and helpful.
I also got a bonus truck with no VIN number and a lot of scrap metal in the garage.

I managed to turn the electricity, gas and water on in the house.

It was fun, and got me out of my comfort zone. Possibly the worst part, was when the city turned on the water and I took a cold, long shower in a crawl space, which quickly became a mud pit, and I had to solder in a new main valve while the City waited outside (No Pressure) I was victorious at the end, but I prefer to keep myself and my running shoes dry and not caked in mud.

3  Tax Sale Forum / Member Experiences / Re: Tax sale has no fun no bargain anymore! on: June 01, 2021, 10:07:45 AM
I went there and the place is a tear down full of mold. It's unknown why they paid so much for that when there is a larger property for sale with operating business and income up the street (Not far)  for $799,000 and it's been for sale for a while.

Having said that, it's an attractive site, with a lot of building going on and gorgeous beach. Obviously seasonal.

At that price, they can have it, with my blessings just like the vacant land that went for $810,000 a few weeks ago.

4  Tax Sale Forum / Questions and Answers / What's the best item you have found in a tax sale property? on: May 19, 2021, 07:48:58 PM
A lot of the tax sale properties are owned by dead people.

What are some of the stuff left behind or discovered in these properties I wonder?

Please spill the beans...

5  Tax Sale Forum / Professionals / Re: Tax Sale Lawyer Review on: May 19, 2021, 07:23:18 PM
If/when the tax deed lands in my hands, I will let you know how it went. So far so good.

Except the town, who are slower than sloths bathing in molasses.
6  Tax Sale Forum / Professionals / Tax Sale Lawyer Review on: May 19, 2021, 03:13:09 PM
I won a tax sale!

However, the municipality did not really know what to do, so it's taken days....

When the town did get back, they did require me to get a lawyer, so I came to the forum and found a recommendation by worldjohn for a lawyer familiar with tax sales.

I went to his office, he explained most of the next steps quickly and efficiently for a reasonable price.

Kirk J. Cooper Barrister, Solicitor and Notary
37 Maitland Street,
Toronto, ON M4Y 1C8

So far so good, when the tax deed is in my hot little hands I will update.
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